Elder Abuse


No matter how old we are, justice requires that all people are treated equally, and that the safety and dignity of all members of our community are preserved and safeguarded, especially older adults who have so much to our community over the years and now find themselves in need of our protection.  

Elder abuse can take many forms, ranging from financial exploitation to physical abuse and neglect.  Incidents of abuse are rarely reported as elders are often reluctant to complain because of fear of retaliation or embarrassment.  Similarly, elder abuse often goes unrecognized as family and friends are unaware of the common warning signs.

As a former criminal prosecutor, Mr. Ponist is used to standing up for victims of crime and abuse.  If you, or someone you know or love, have suffered financial elder abuse or another form of elder abuse, please reach out to see if we may be of assistance.  

Signs of Financial Elder Abuse and Exploitation:

  • Significant withdrawals

  • Suspicious changes to wills/trusts/powers of attorney

  • Added names to bank signature card

  • Dubious “loans” to others

  • Fraudulent investment schemes

  • Real Estate Scams

  • Mortgage Scams

  • Insurance Scams

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