The Ponist Law Group’s (PLG) clients had purchased a new, high-end home for $3.1 million several years back. The home was supposed to be their dream home but, instead, it turned out to be a nightmare. Shortly after the close of escrow, our clients discovered significant construction defects.

PLG filed suit on behalf of our clients against the developer-sellers as well as the real agent and brokerage company. The lawsuit alleged, among other things, negligence, fraud, misrepresentation and unjust enrichment and sought rescission, punitive damages and other consequential damages.

During the litigation, the defendants sought to stonewall discovery efforts. Their actions were not well-taken and PLG obtained orders compelling discovery as well as major issue and evidentiary sanctions against them, effectively establishing liability against the defendants. Based thereon, PLG obtained summary adjudication and established grounds for punitive damages.

As a result, PLG was able to obtain a settlement on behalf of our clients for rescission and $8.85 million.