Join us on August 3, 2020 to hear from Sean Ponist and other leading civil litigators attorneys as they discuss the new age of taking and defending virtual depositions. The 1 hour CLE will cover the entire virtual deposition process, from the new (virtual) deposition notices and admonitions through tips to having your client make the best impression for the camera. This legal education seminar is sponsored by the San Diego County Bar Association.

Topics include:

  • The nuts-and-bolts of taking a virtual deposition (including a discussion of remote realtime, videography and exhibit sharing);
  • Taking the deposition as if you were in trial (as it may very well be used in lieu of live testimony at trial);
  • Defending the deposition remotely (away from your client/witness and everyone else);
  • Preparing your client/witness to make a great impression (including a discussion of the impact of stereotypes, biases, nonverbal language, etc.).

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